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Case Reports in Neurological Medicine

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Free muscle transfer like gracilis muscle. Although sporadical cases of hypoglycemia-induced hemiparesis were reported, the clear pathophysiology behind this is not well determined. Depression has been associated with poorer adherence to self-care regimens [ 9 ] or insulin overdosing [ 10 ]. While people with diabetes are at increased risk of having an actual stroke, the symptoms of hypoglycemia can also hypoglycemia facial paralysis those of a stroke. In conclusion, there is need for increasing awareness of these serious consequences in diabetic patients. Symptoms common to hypoglycemia and stroke include headache, blurry vision, memory loss, fatigue, weakness, tingling and numbness, unclear thinking, hypoglycemia facial paralysis changes, muscle pain, fainting and unconsciousness. As always, when in doubt, call Both are serious ailments, of course, so these symptoms, whatever the cause, require immediate attention. Furthermore, nurses did administer insulin in the last hypoglycemia facial paralysis, and there was no report of accidental insulin overuse.

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