Some Tricks And Tips To Avoid Dishonest Cab Hire Companies

The question is why you would even go looking for an expensive cab hire service when you can hire a luxury chauffeured car at half the price. Name Melbourne – A substantial number of transfer service companies are available here to bestow luxury upon you at the cheapest rate. However, as all good things come with one bad side, this online silver cab service has too got one. Today, the internet has got crowded with more of imposters than the genuine ones. And, since it becomes hard for everyone to differentiate between shammers and genuine players, the bad ones keep rising in numbers. The best is save yourself from the advertisements like Special Offers or Discounts or any half-baked self-promotion. The more you see impractical offers, the farther distance should you maintain. This is why

Identify Your Needs First –

Let your genuine needs take further decisions, not what dazzles your eyes. Are you late to your work? Is there any emergency breakdown? Are you going to receive some prestigious clients of yours from the airport or do you simply want a peaceful ride to a wedding ceremony with your family? If any of these is your need, better is booking a taxi to Melbourne airport or simply a Mercedes Benz to the wedding event. Just because there are some offers running all over the internet, without having complete information, you should not prod your needless need. This is only a setup to drain your pockets.

Select The Right Car –

Just because you are getting a crave these days for a limo ride, you should not go for a limo ride. A renowned cab hire company will always have an extensive range of vehicle choices, which will definitely help you select the right car. Put your need right upfront and match it with the available choices. If you can see your need is perfectly satisfied with a very commonly used large sedan, then what’s the point of shelling out a few more bucks and ride a limo without having any solid need for it. Besides, there is one more factor that you should consider while choosing a car for you – is it well-functioning or not, because an imposter will always tend to earn some quick money without thinking of customer’s safety and satisfaction.

Compare The Price – Beware Of Extra Charges

What you are looking at on their online service page is never the real price. The stated rate is never inclusive of driver’s allowance, insurance charges, service tax and some miscellaneous taxes (you have hardly heard off). This is why, finalise your booking only after you have words with their customer support executives and make sure you are paying a right amount.


Melbourne silver cabs booking during the weekend might cost you a little higher than the week days just because of higher market demand. What’s more, the duration you are hiring it for also plays a vital role in influencing the rate. For instance, cab hired on a long-term basis will proportionately cost you lower than the short-term rides. So, choose your ride wisely!